About Me

I’ve been kicking around American evangelicalism for over 50 years and counting, since my father “led me to the Lord”.  In that time, I’ve run the gamut of evangelical churches from fundamentalist to softer evangelical to borderline charismatic. Nowadays, I’d define myself as an “undone”, and enjoy a worshipping community outside of the evangelical tradition focused on Missio Dei.  It’s my happiness to have worked in some very worthy missions organizations. One of them was Slavic Gospel Mission (Peter Deyneka), where the love for Eastern European peoples overcame me. I graduated from Wheaton where I studied German and Russian, with a minor in Theology. I spent time at Fuller (until the money ran out). Instead, I graduated from law school and practiced law in two states. I became an Air Force Judge Advocate and mustered out as a Lt. Colonel. That experience took me all over the world, including a 6 month NATO stint in Sarajevo. I decided to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for 6 years worked as legal advisor to the High Representative. Since then, international development work has carried me around Eastern Europe, which I look at as a vocational calling.

Over 20 years ago, I met a lovely British lady who, like me, was working to improve Bosnian waste management. Together, we live in Atlanta with our two teenagers and 3 dogs. Oh, and I have four other fantastic progeny.

I have a heart for evangelicalism – a broken one. I write for myself – never expecting anyone to read the posting I do. But something compels me to persist. I’d like to think it’s a spiritual urge in discernment. Then again, maybe I’m just a typical evangelical in gleeful Schadenfreude saying, “See, I told you so!”