Sending Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine? How The Air Force Could Help You.

[C-17 – U.S. Air Force photo]

A story on the local news featured a woman who collects and sends donated goods for Ukraine relief. She assumes the entire burden – including shipping charges – by herself. There are many 501(c)(3) charitable organizations that are doing the same. Perhaps you are involved in one as well. If so, you’ve learned that transporting air cargo to Ukraine is very expensive – and will become more so as jet fuel is getting very costly. Here’s a suggestion, FWIW:

One of the biggest air freight operators in America is the U.S. Air Force. One major mission is strategic airlift capability. Think C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster III, and C-130 Hercules, not to mention air refueling aircraft.

Under the Denton Program, U.S. based non-governmental agencies are allowed to transport humanitarian aid at little or no cost to the donor, while simultaneously putting the extra space on U.S. military transport assets to good use. It’s a space –available program where transportation is neither scheduled nor guaranteed, as dictated by prioritizing military need.

Your organization – or one you support – may well be interested in applying for Denton assistance in sending needed non-perishable food or medicine to Ukraine. If everything works out, the USAF will ship it for free.

Online applications and additional information about the DOD Humanitarian Assistance Programs, Denton and Funded Transportation’s Programs, are available at

You can also contact Ms. Phyllis Marshall, Program Manager for the Denton Program and Funded Transportation, by phone (703) 697-9628 or email

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