America’s Best Christian

America’s Best Christian

It’s hard to watch Betty Bowers’ (aka America’s Best Christian) Youtube videos because she is so righteously cynical about evangelicalism. And like a roadside accident, its hard to look away. But I have my own nomination for America’s Best Christian: Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton. “We are in the position as the church, and as believers, we have to stand up and speak out,” he told a Grapevine, Texas congregation. But he hasn’t exactly spoken up about the first-degree felony charges for he faces for securities law violations. Or his extramarital affair. Or firing whistle-blowers accusing him of bribery and abuse of office; all high-ranking staffers in his office. Sounds like America’s Best Christian? Franklin Graham thinks so. He asked for urgent prayer concerning a suit filed by Paxton asking the Supreme Court to bar four states (in which Trump lost) from participating in the Electoral College. “Forces of evil are at work, and we know how much is at stake,” Graham wrote. In the real world, actual state attorneys general  have dismissed Paxton’s suits as “beyond meritless, beyond reckless”. So, I guess its a real toss up here: is it Graham, or is it Paxton who is America’s Best Christian. Your vote counts!

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