This isn’t about politics.

I’m not encouraging people to vote for Trump.”

I am not asking people to endorse him.”

This isn’t politics.”

This is not a political endorsement.

 “No, this isn’t a political event.”

“One thing I appreciate about President Trump,” remarked Franklin Graham on one of his Decision America tours. “He’s not a politician”. Posing as apolitical, Graham insists he is not telling anyone who to vote for, but these events occur like clock-work just before an election to gin-up right-wing voting. We’re just going to have people come and pray over a divided nation and for God’s protection over the president, he often says. He doesn’t outright tell people to vote for Trump, but he makes no bones about who he hopes the country will elect come November.

In 1972, Billy Graham intended to vote for his golfing buddy, Richard Nixon. But at least he pretended to be bipartisan, laying low until the end of a close race, so he could throw his support to Nixon more effectively. Unlike his father’s Crusades, however, Franklin’s events make no excuses about being thinly-veiled political rallies with a spiritual veneer, where a person can be converted by both the gospel and the Republican party.

As if to reinforce that marriage, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association publishes its Special Election Guide, with a dire warning that “voters are choosing between two polar-opposite visions for America”. In 39 pages of fear-mongering hyperbole Graham wants to bring the country together with culture wars broadsides that are tearing our country apart. If you get through to the back cover, there is the obligatory Billy Graham devotional,. The rest of Franklin’s contribution of evangelical gospel is little more than right-wing footnotes

Franklin Graham says that Trump is not a politician. No matter how much he doth protest, he couldn’t say that with a straight face about himself.

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